Affordable Abstract Art and Fine Art Paintings

Why Affordable Art?

I was recently captivated by a very successful artist telling the story about why he started to offer pieces at a very affordable price alongside of his fine art work.   It inspired me and also got me thinking. 

Three things came to mind. 

1.  Buying that first special piece of art is a moment in time that is special.  First when I was in college, I was very drawn to black and white photography.  I remember saving $50.00 as a college student and waitress, to buy my first legitimate art piece and feeling really proud.  I still have that piece many years later.  It gives me a lot of joy still to this day.

 2.  This is a great opportunity to give back and help others start their art collector journey. This is a really nice way to give back for the blessings and good fortune I have had in my life.  Maybe there is another struggling college student out there who wants to start their art collection?  Maybe there is a husband or wife thinking a nice piece of art with an interesting title that speaks to them could make for a sentimental gift.  Maybe, it's just a nice thing to do.

3. Sharing the proceeds.  My sisters, Mom, and I founded a Not For Profit in memory of my Dad see ( . We have funded 8 college scholarships for student athletes who show great leadership qualities.  I will donate 50% of all sales in the Affordable Artwork category to the Ted Rullo Foundation to help keep and fund my father's legacy.  All pieces will be priced at $64.00 each plus shipping, a dollar for each wonderful year we had him here with us. There are wonderful fine art paintings as well on the shop page if you are looking for larger pieces.    

Do Good. Have Fun. Bring More Art into the World.