Christine Zmuda, Abstract Art

Artist Statement and Bio

I am an abstract expressionist and intuitive painter. Largely self-taught, I use acrylic paint, charcoal, pastels, and oil sticks to put on canvas what I feel through music. Playing music and abstract painting are symbiotic and interdependent to my creative process. Influences that you may see threaded through my work include abstract painters like Basquiat, Jackson Pollack, and Hiroshi Matsumoto. Equally important to the creative process is the music used for inspiration.  I appreciate a wide range of music to include Billie Holiday, Otis Redding, Andrea Bocelli, Chrissy Hynde, Beck, Iggy Pop,  David Byrne, Cake, Beastie Boys, The Rolling Stones, Cardi B, Lord Huron, Courtney Barnett, Middle Kids, My Morning Jacket, Avett Brothers, Julia Jacklin, Bahamas and Vance Joy to name just a few.  I am always interested in music recommendations and have been thrilled to get so many new ones as my art practice expands. 

These abstract paintings are one of a kind and original works which make for a wonderful addition to any home or office.  Direct message to for purchase.


Author Credits

I like to bookend my work week by collecting life experiences and trying new things.  Over the years, my friends and I have accomplished many memorable adventures.  I have packaged those up to be replicated for other women in a book called the "The Misadventures of the Hip and Fabulous". The book can be purchased on my site or  

This is a girlfriend’s guide to tried and true techniques for offbeat adventures and memorable girls nights out.  Ideal for any friend circle between the ages of 21 and 121 years old. These make great gifts for bridal parties, college reunions or any girls outing. 


I have exhibited at:

SK Artspace, Brooklyn, NY

Artcho , Charlottesville, VA,

Fridge DC, Washington DC 

Yellow Barn Gallery, Glen Echo, MD

L2 @Cady's Alley, Georgetown, DC

Hill Center Gallery, Washington DC

Delaplaine Art Gallery, Frederick, MD.

MD Hall for Creative Arts, Annapolis, MD

You can follow my artwork at Instagram @artgallerybyz.

Why Affordable Art?

Why Affordable Art?

I was recently captivated by a very successful artist telling the story about why he started to offer pieces at a very affordable price alongside of his fine art work.   It inspired me and also got me thinking.  Two things came to mind. 

1.  Buying that first special piece of art.  First when I was in college, I was very drawn to black and white photography.  I remember saving $50.00 as a college student and waitress, to buy my first legitimate art piece and feeling really proud.  I still have that piece many years later.  It gives me a lot of joy still to this day. 

2.  Opportunity to give back and help others start their art collector journey. Secondly, I thought this is a really nice way to give back for the blessings and good fortune I have had in my life.  Maybe there is another struggling college student out there who wants to start their art collection. Maybe, it's just a nice thing to do.

3. Sharing the proceeds.  My sisters, Mom, and I founded a Not For Profit in memory of my Dad see ( . We have funded 8 college scholarships for student athletes who show great leadership qualities.  I will donate 50% of all the proceeds on Affordable Art work to the foundation to help keep and fund my father's legacy.  All pieces will be priced at 64.00 each plus shipping, a dollar for each wonderful year we had him here with us. 

Do Good. Have Fun. Bring More Art into the World.